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It's Time to Stop the Bleeding!! Reduce your costs and increase your profits in the next 60-90 days without having to spend any more Money on advertising! GUARENTEED!

It's time you had a full proof system that will grow your business in any economy! We will work with you to implement and execute success strategies into your business, until optimal results are achieved!

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When you're not different, then you're the same!

After working in just about every industry - it's been our experience that most organizations tend to grow their business using a Two - Pillar Marketing System. For most businesses their first pillar is some form of advertising to try to attract new prospects and their second pillar is their sales force to close sales.

Their sales force usually could consist of an inside sales department, outside sales representatives, manufactures representatives, distributors, independent contractors or any combination of the above. Although this is a very common model, we have found it usually is not the highest or best performing way to increase sales and profits. Not to mention, in most cases, these two areas of a business are rarely maximized to their fullest potential which also limits results and profits.

Since most of your competitors are using the exact same approach, it offers you no distinctive advantage, benefit or differentiation from your competition. Without visible differentiation the customer almost always boils it down to who has the lowest price!

Fixing your system will not only increase the number of prospects you will generate but it will triple your conversion rates, significantly increase both the dollar amount and frequency of your sales, while helping you retain your clients for a longer duration of time! Having a system of your own will allow you to reduce the number of dollars you are spending on advertising or cut your advertising budget altogether! With the right processes in place whatever advertising you do will be far more effective and you will experience much greater results for the same amount of dollars spent!

Our Multi-Pillar System

will give your business a "Restart"!

The Target Group examines all ways to help you grow your business, most of which can be accomplished without needing addition resources of time, money, or effort to dramatically increase your results and profits! Fixing your system will not only increase the number of prospects you will generate but it will triple your conversion rates, significantly increase both the dollar amount and frequency of your sales, while helping you retain your clients for a longer duration of time!

Our Multi-pillar system will give your business a "Restart" when it comes to growing your business. You will have the ability to adjust your course, your strategy, your marketing, your sales, your profit margins, revenues, costs, and ultimately your profits! Increasing your profits is not about doing 100 things differently. It's about knowing and leveraging the only "Six ways to grow your business" so you can achieve geometrical growth.

  1. Acquire new prospects
  2. Increase your conversion rate
  3. Increase your average transaction
  4. Increase your average transaction frequency
  5. How you retain your clients for a longer duration of time
  6. How you increase the performance and recognize your employees

What is a 30 day Restart & how could it benefit my organization?

It's a "27-Point Business Health Check Up" and a full "Opportunity Analysis" geared to restart and realign your internal processes helping you achieve the maximum gains out of every opportunity in your business. It's an opportunity to identify the Hidden Marketing Assets that already exist in your business that are being under-utilized or not utilized at all and optimize them all to their fullest potential! The "Restart" does an in depth examination of your metrics and core numbers of your business so you know exactly where you currently stand in all areas and then helps you pin point exactly where the leaks are in your business.

We then move into creating the two foundation pillars every business must have in place. Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition ) and the proper implementation of your USP. It is only after these 2 pillars are firmly in place that effective marketing and advertising can now be built! Without a solid foundation much of your advertising dollars will continue to be wasted and ineffective!

For the first foundation pillar we will help you craft and articulate "your story" and work with you to develop a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). This Unique Selling Proposition will create competitive differentiation between you and other vendors so you are not always trying to win business based on price alone!

The second foundation pillar is helping you implement both the (USP) into all of your marketing as well as all your employees. It is very important your employees are trained to utilize these tools to maximize their sales. The foundation pillars let prospects know WHY they should be doing business with you. They communicate why current clients should continue to do business and even do more business with you. And lastly, they give reason for in-active or dormant customers to start doing business with your organization once again!

Creating the right USP and EVP is not easy! It is not as simple as putting a bunch of words together that sound good; like best quality, best service, or lowest price - EVERYONE says that! It's not different, doesn't separate you from your competition and certainly is not unique!

There is a process that needs to happen to do these important steps the right way. It takes a significant amount of time and effort but once completed will make a world of difference to your organization.

Once these 2 foundation pillars are created and firmly embedded into your company - we will then focus our attention on strengthening the other pillars you are currently using to increase business. That is what we call is your "Restart Strategies Process".

Once your Restart Strategies Process is completed you will have everything you need firmly established and optimized in your business to start seeing immediate and noticeable gains. From there we are confident you will be like most of our clients and retain our services to help put together and implement many of the other pillars you are currently not utilizing to help grow your business even further.

We Guarantee Your Success!

The 30 Day Restart is based on the seven sciences of business building.

1. Uncovering Hidden Marketing Assets

Do you have an under promoted or non-existent unique selling proposition or Extra Value Proposition? Are you prospects, current clients, and dormant customers aware of WHY they should be doing business with you over all others including not doing anything at all? Are they fully aware of the benefits they will get by dealing with you? Are your competitive advantages on full display - Do they really know what makes you different from the rest? Let's look at things like price leadership, differentiation, focus, competitive disadvantages, unique products, guarantees, unique benefits, services, etc. Also look for ways in which extra value could be added to the customer.

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We utilize the basics: research, analysis, and strategic planning. This model has been time proven to provide the best success in the marketplace today, and in fact our client's expectations have consistently been met and exceeded when they work with us.

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Let us work for you to create a business development plan tailored to your business’s needs.
We do the hard work and you reap the rewards after implementing your business strategy!

Powerful Performance

Lastly and best of all, everything we do for our clients is backed with our ironclad guarantee. Call us today to set up a meeting and in the meantime, take advantage of the free Marketing Health Check-up tool to the right and the FREE eBook.