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  • Increase Sales, Improve margins and grow your business?
  • Re-activate inactive or dormant accounts?
  • Have your sales representatives trained and coached for the highest possible results?
  • Increase trade show results.
  • Increase employee performance and loyalty?
  • Generate more referrals on a regular basis.
  • Differentiate your business from all other competitors and increase your market share.
  • Increase your profits while reducing costs at the same time.
  • Change low closing ratios to high sales conversions.
  • Change low performing processes into a steady flow of profits.
  • Replace in-effective advertising, with effective marketing strategies.
  • Optimize your sales and marketing processes for optimal results!

Business Growth & Development

Most businesses fail because their owners pump money into them without precisely knowing what is working and what isn’t. We’ll show you how to optimize your business right away, without spending any more money by identifying your hidden marketing assets and the value you aren’t using.

Too many entrepreneurs believe the secret to unbridled growth is to put as much money as possible into advertising, and hope that at least a few visitors will convert into customers. Your business is much more dynamic than this. Your company might be strong in some areas, but totally lacking in other areas that are holding you back.

Proven systems that guarantee results

For more than 26 years, The Target Group has helped companies grow their businesses by increasing profits while reducing expenses. We can assist you in finding the hidden marketing assets that already exist within your businesses – and optimize those assets to their fullest capacity to deliver you the desired results. Results occur, good or bad, because of the system in place that is producing them. If you want to change your results, change the system producing the results! By implementing effective sales, marketing, and employee performance systems, you will be able to focus on what is really important and grow your business exponentially.

The Target Group Inc.

is the only Business Performance Optimization Company in the country that will help you Implement, Execute and Guarantee YOUR RESULTS!

Move Beyond Generic Thinking

The Target Group Inc. can help your businesses move beyond generic concepts of “growth” and “marketing”, and toward specific measureable steps to see immediate return. Your business has many interlocking and complimentary elements. If a single one of them underperforms, it could mean drastically reduce sales. Like a physician treating a patient, our priority sequence is always the same. To examine, diagnose, and prescribe the necessary solutions to plug the holes in your sales funnel, and optimize your processes to achieve maximal results.

Maybe you’re doing an amazing job at getting visitors to come to your website, but they don’t stay very long or convert into paying customers. Maybe your clients purchase one item from you, never to be seen or heard from again. Perhaps you are focusing too wide instead of going deeper into one strategy that will lead to the greatest return. If you don’t analyze what your business is doing right, you could spend years taking chances and wasting a lot of money along the way.

Case Study 1

Situation: A 37-year old professional safety supplies firm, with 130 employees wanted us to help them grow their business from a 65 million dollar company to a 250 million dollar company over the next 10 years. The company is a growing company but at a slower pace than ownership wanted. A few things were determined at our first meeting. The first was that this company had an incredible amount of hidden marketing assets that were underutilized or untapped completely. They also had processes and systems in place that were not optimized to get the highest capacity or yield for their efforts. Lastly they had a real need for a complete sales system.

Approach: At our clients request we started on the sales system. It was imperative to them be able to recruit higher quality candidates as well as be able to decipher who would be the best fit. It was just as important to get them started on the right foot and keep them engaged so they would want to continue working for the company.

Results: We put in a full sales system that enabled our client to properly recruit, interview, hire, onboard, train, measure, motivate and continue to improve. Because of the success of the sales system we were also commissioned to develop a management system, a marketing system and continue to do sales and personal skills training and development for this company with outstanding results. Other results were that the client was able to increase sales by $100,000 in a side by side comparison of the same month from last year to this year.

Case Study 2

Situation: A 12-year old professional services firm, with 150 employees, called us to discuss a “marketing problem” that they were experiencing. Revenue was stagnant even though they had the resources to handle more business. At our first meeting, we asked for their sales and marketing activity metrics. They had non and consequently were not tracking this vital information.

Approach: We developed a worksheet to track 6 vital metrics for one month. We analyzed the data and discovered that they did not have a marketing problem! They had plenty of prospects but they were not closing them. This was a sales problem. In fact, their closing ratio was a weak 37%. We developed a program called, “Influencing with Integrity!” for their 14 salespeople. It was designed to build trust and rapport with prospects through a 5-step sales model.

Results: In one month, the closing ratio for the 14 salespeople went from 37% to an average of 70%, with one salesperson doing 90%!

Attract, Convert and Retain.

If you would like to ATTRACT more prospects, CONVERT a greater amount of these new prospects into sales, and RETAIN your clients for a much longer duration of time, we can help!

Nothing To Lose - Everything To Gain

ImageThe Target Group Inc. and our multi-pillar system will find the hidden assets that already exist in your business. We are the first and only Business Performance Optimization and Implementation Consulting Team that guarantees your results! Our unconditional guarantee makes working together risk free for you. It goes like this: if our work doesn’t increase your profits we will work for FREE until it does or until you are satisfied. The sooner you have a business consulting session to plan your business development with us, the sooner those profits will be coming in!

Effective Sales System That Gets Results!

ImageHaving the right systems in place will reduce the stress in your life by allowing your business to operate at peak performance increasing your profits without waste! Our Multi-Pillar Marketing System is used by DELL, IBM, the (IGPC) International Guild of Professional Consultants, as well as exclusively used and licensed to The United States Department of Commerce just to name a few. These simple effective systems can be customized for your organization without disrupting your business in any way. The beauty of the system is it will create a more profitable bottom line RIGHT NOW, as well as continue to grow your business exponentially for months, years, and decades to follow.

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